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Welcome to Our School

For over 50 years Montessori Children's House in Phoenix, Arizona, has provided a caring and nurturing environment where toddler, preschool, and elementary aged children can explore, grow, and learn. We help children discover the joy of (and in) learning, giving them the tools they need to succeed not only in the classroom, but in life.

Why Montessori

Why should I put my child in a Montessori school, rather than a standard preschool or public elementary school?


The Montessori system, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900s, allows children to learn by doing. It involves enticing, stimulating educational materials designed to capture a child’s interest and facilitate learning. At Montessori Children’s House, our essential philosophy is:

“What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember.

What I do, I understand.”

In the Montessori system, children use the classroom as a library and resource room where they are free to move, explore and discover. This does not mean they have a lack of structure! Our program is firmly based on Dr. Montessori’s scientific observations, which revealed that children effortlessly absorb knowledge from their surroundings. We provide materials that are specifically designed to enhance conceptual thinking and lead to abstraction.

The key to our classroom and the fundamental Montessori classroom is to structure the environment and choices, allowing the child the freedom to choose their own work. The experienced teacher or guide is part of this experiment, presenting the appropriate lesson to each child at the right time.

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